Andrew Cooke

Always interested in offers/projects/new ideas. Eclectic experience in fields like: numerical computing; Java web/enterprise; functional languages; Python client GUI/web/database; etc. Based in Santiago, Chile; telecommute worldwide. CV; email.


The results of various projects I've worked on over the years.


A parser for Python 3 (and 2.6 onwards) that tries to be simple to use (the grammar is written in Python using a friendly operator syntax; it comes with a tutorial, examples, and full API docs) while remaining powerful and flexible (it supports memoisation and backtracking, includes an optional lexer, etc; the recursive descent core can be examined and dynamically rewritten before execution).

You are the ones who can hear airs. who can be frightened or encouraged. You can hold things and break them and fix them. I never felt at home here. This is an awful place to be dropped down halfway. - Galatea 2.2, Richard Powers


Some images taken around Santiago, Chile (mainly during 2008).


Implementing a numerical data access server. Safe, IDE-friendly, extensible, XML schemas. Spring, Mule, Maven: lightweight SOA with java (2). A simple, lazy, expression evaluator. A tiny workflow in Spring. FITS files and regular grammars: a DMASS design case study. CTIO / DPPS / Archive - recent work. Lightweight ESOA with Java (draft).

Other Visual

Map of military spending. A minimal font. Old photos and drawings. Pancito algorithmic art (currently lost). Cube - images for laser printer.

When i looked up from my blank page, there was an angel in the room; / a rather commonplace angel, presumably of lower rank. / You cannot imagine, he said, the degree to which you're dispensible. / Of the fifteen thousand hues of blue, he said, / each one makes more of a difference / than anything you may do, or refrain from doing; / not to mention the felspar, or the great magellanic cloud. / Even the common plantain, unassuming / as it is, would leave a gap. not you. / I could tell from his bright eyes - he hoped for an argument, / for a long fight. / I did not move. I waited in silence until he had gone away. - The Visit, Hans Magnus Enzensberger


Agile Software Development. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. Alan Turing, The Enigma. Underworld


Parquet deformation editor. Hello world in Malbolge. Code samples. Hernan Rodriguez translations. Introduction to computer languages (2). Notes on Otuto. Pancito functional image library (unsupported). SVG spirograph.

Everything here my own work, unless attributed otherwise, (c) 2008-2009 Andrew Cooke.


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