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Class TrampolineWrapper

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A wrapper for source of generators that evaluate other matchers via the trampoline (ie for generators that evaluate matchers via yield).

Typically only used for advanced matchers.

This improves on TransformableTrampolineWrapepr because it does not add an extra layer of trampolining when no transform is needed. When a transform is needed then a Transform matcher adds an extra layer anyway (the motivation for the original code was to allow the two to merge, but there is no point if the unmerged version is just as slow).

Instance Methods [hide private]
_match(self, stream_in)
This is the core method called during recursive decent.
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_match(self, stream_in)

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This is the core method called during recursive decent.  It must
yield (stream, results) pairs until the matcher has exhausted all
possible matches.

To evaluate a sub-matcher it should yield the result of calling
this method on the sub-matcher:

    generator = sub_matcher._match(stream_in)
        while True:
            # evaluate the sub-matcher
            (stream_out, result) = yield generator
            # return the result from this matcher
            yield (stream_out, result)
    except StopIteration:
The implementation should be decorated with @tagged in almost all

  • @tagged
Overrides: matcher.Matcher._match
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