Download And Installation

RXPY is available for Python 2.6+. It will soon support 3+ too.

Installation With Distribute / Setuptools (easy_install)


The source is more likely to be up-to-date (and consistent with the web documentation) than the current release. I am not making regular releases until the project is a little more mature.

However, the 0.0.0 release does work correctly as a regexp engine.

Distribute and setuptools are very similar, and either will install RXPY on Python 2.6. However, I recommend using distribute since it will also work with Python 3 (when RXPY runs there) and appears to be better supported.

Once you have installed distribute or setuptools you can install RXPY with the command:

easy_install rxpy

That’s it. There is no need to download anything beforehand; easy_install will do all the work.


A publicly readable Mercurial repository is available.

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