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Welcome to my blog, which was once a mailing list of the same name and is still generated by mail. Please reply via the "comment" links.

Always interested in offers/projects/new ideas. Eclectic experience in fields like: numerical computing; Python web; Java enterprise; functional languages; GPGPU; SQL databases; etc. Based in Santiago, Chile; telecommute worldwide. CV; email.

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[Bike] Aliexpress Cycling Tops

From: andrew cooke <andrew@...>

Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 16:36:15 -0300

This is a list of cycling clothing (updated to include bibs as well as
tops) I have bought from Aliexpress - the aim is to collect together
sizing information for my own use and also to provide some guidance to

For a discussion of how Aliexpress clothing differs from more
expensive equipment, see

I'm 173cm (5'8"), 64kg (140lb).  50 yo.  Fairly decent shape (gym
regular; no six pack, but no belly either).  Chest measures 94-96cm
(not sure how tight the tape should be).


Miloto (thin, short sleeve, full zip, summer top) - actually bought
from Amazon (for $22), but shipped from China and available in many
Aliexpress stores (from $13).  Asymmetric coloured triangles on black
background (design slightly different from advertised - more text on
one shoulder).

Size S (92cm, measured 96cm).  Close fit (slightly stretched across

Basic cut, but well made with vibrant inks that haven't faded over
several washes.

51 days delivery via China Post.
[example url - not actual store]

No-name Morvelo knock-off from A+Service Store on Aliexpress for $16
(thin, short sleeve, full zip, summer top).  Light blue, green and
black bands with text.  Design is "retro" and original Morvelo was
probably in subdued / aged colours, but this is very bright.

Size M (98cm, measured 99cm).  Normal fit (not tight, but not baggy

Basic cut, with several loose threads, but vibrant inks haven't faded
over several washes.

17 days delivery via 4PX (Aliexpress).
[select third shirt - black/green/blue]

Spexcel from Spexcel Official Store for $20 (thin, short sleeve, full
zip, summer top).  Flower print on black.

Size M (94cm, measured 98cm).  Loose fit (very slightly too large).

Different fabric to others - more stretchy - which would have been
good on a tighter fitting jersey, but with the loose fit the rear
pockets sag and everything feels a little floppy.  More detailing
(cuffs, collar, plackett), well made.

66 days delivery via SF Express.

Jiashuo from Jiashuo Official Store for $23 (thin, long sleeve, full
zip, spring/autumn top).  Coloured bands from dark blue to white.

Size S (93cm, measured 94cm).  Normal to loose fit (sleeves lightly

Like the design - I think it's original, looks very clean.  Basic cut,
but well finished with no loose threads.

44 days delivery via 4PX.

Spexcel from Spexcel Official Store for $29 (fleece, long sleeve, full
zip, winter).  Black w black stripes.  

Size M (94cm, measured 94cm).  Normal fit.

Surprisingly thick / warm and still stretchy material.  Decent length
sleeves.  Good detailing (full inner placket, top of zip fits in
"triangle", zippered chest pocket; zippered rear pocket).

63 days delivery via SF Express.

Spexcel from Spexcel Official Store for $23 (windbreaker, long sleeve,
full zip).  Black.

Size M (96cm, measured 96cm).  Normal to loose fit (good for going
over something and wouldn't want to be tighter because front doesn't
stretch - see below).  Sleeves slightly too short (gap between sleeves
and gloves).

Interesting design.  Very lightweight, either (windproof) nylon or
stretchy gauze - gauze on side panels and upper back to allow fit
while cycling.  No pockets.  Very simple, clean, windbreaker.

63 days delivery via SF Express.

Spexcel from Spexcel Official Store for $31 (long thermal bibs).

Size M.  Good fit.  Good padding.  Warm.  Haven't worn (was injured at
start of winter).

63 days delivery via SF Express.

Runchita from For Your Service 508 Store for $24 (thin wool mix; long
sleeve; half zip; spring/autumn top

Size M (90cm; mesaure 88cm).  Tight fit (size reocmmended by store for
weight / height; should have used measured sizes and gone with L).

Very good quality.  Nice material (natural feel) with good details.
No pockets and half zip, so not really a cycling top.  Stripe on front
is printed (and not reflective afaict) - does not match cloth stripe
on back.

22 days delivery via 4PX.

YKYWBIKE from YKYWBIKE Store for $22 (bib shorts).  Black.

Size M.  Good fit.  Moderate padding.  Basic, low-price bibs.

The "gripper" silicone on the legs has worn off with use.

17 days delivery via Aliexpress.

Runchita from For Your Service 508 Store for $25 (fleece, long sleeve,
full zip, winter).  Red with black/white stripes on chest.

Size M (96cm, measured 97cm).  Fitted fit (tapers to tight).  Very
long sleeves.

I thought this was an original Runchita design (one image shows a
Runchita tag), but it turns out it's a copy of a Cafe du Cycliste
jersey (although the original is Merino wool).  Still, it's well made
with a placket, zipped pocket, etc.  Very long sleeves!

13 days delivery via Aliexpress

Aoster from HFhaosi-01 Store for $24 (thin, long sleeve, full zip,
spring/autumn top).  Maroon with white arm band.

Size M (94cm, measured 98cm).  Loose fit.

Not as shown on site.  No pocket at neck for zip (a small detail but
shows quality); arm band narrower.  Slightly short sleeves.  Otherwise

20 days delivery via Aliexpress.

Spexcel from Spexcel Official Store for $17 (bib shorts).  Black

Size M.  Good fit.  Moderate padding.  Basic, low-price bibs.

25 days delivery via Aliexpress.


Thin, short sleeves
 Miloto   $22  S/92/96cm  51 days  Close fit   
 No-name  $16  M/98/99cm  17 days  Normal fit  Bright coloured Morvelo
 Spexcel  $20  M/94/98cm  66 days  Loose fit   Stretchy, slow delivery

Thin, long sleeves
 Jiashuo  $23  S/93/94cm  44 days  Normal / loose fit.
 Runchita $24  M/90/88cm  23 days  Tight fit   Great quality, too small
 Aoster   $24  M/94/98cm  20 days  Loose fit   Not as shown on site

Fleece, long sleeves
 Spexcel  $29  M/94/94cm  63 days  Normal fit  Warm, nice details
 Runchita $25  M/96/97cm  18 days  Fitted fit  Nice details, knock-off

 Spexcel  $23  M/96/96cm  63 days  Loose fit   Light / compact

Bib shorts
 YKYWBIKE $22  M          17 days  Normal fit  Moderate pad
 Spexcel  $17  M          25 days  Normal fit  Moderate pad

Bib shorts, winter long fleece
 Spexcel  $31  M          63 days  Normal fit  Good pad

Avoiding Copies

Many shirt designs are copies of products from other companies.  You
may not care, but if you want to avoid these, here are some tips:

* Anything featuring the figure 6 is probably Twin Six

* Morvelo often include their name in the design.  They also have a 
  distinctive zig-zag logo (often on the rear pocket)

* Void often include their name in the design

* Gobik Wear designs often include the text "the custom wear company"

* Rapha often feature either "Rapha" or "RCC"

* Ale have a distinctive logo that is the stylised company name

* MAAP designs often include MAAP in fairly small letters

* The Black Sheep logo is a sheep's head silhouette in a circle

* This Is Cambridge often include a TIC CC logo

More generally, if a design features a particular word, google for
that word plus "cycle wear" and see if you get any hits (this would
have helped me avoid M??rvelo back in the day...)

Also, if the product images are particularly good try a erverse image
search.  And search for unusual names.

Sometimes a shop displays several designs on a single page.  If you
recognise one as a copy then it's likely the others on that page are
also copies of the same company's designs.

Pay attention to all the details.  Even some normally OK brands have
occasional copies (for example, there are some Spexcel bibs stamped

There's also a grey area between a "direct copy" (including logo) and
a "similar design" (eg Spexcel v Rapha).

Related to the above, some brands seem to be "native" to Aliexpress.
For example, my impression is that Runchita and Miloto jerseys are
genuine (with original designs).

Santic is somewhat odd, in that it seems to be priced very high on
Aliexpress, yet sold lower on Amazon (perhaps not the same items).  My
partner bought a pair of their shorts and liked them, but I felt the
padding could have been better for the price.


* All "delivery" times are from placing order to receiving parcel.

* SF Express have the shittiest most unreliable tracking.  

* Given the possibility of copies / fakes, any "make" is only a guess.

* Measured chest is twice width under armpits when laid flat.  I don't
  have an explanation for why measured width and fit aren't more
  closely correlated.


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